A Story Of Opportunities | The Leader in a short documentary series for NGO Bicycles Against Poverty. 

Living in isolated communities, many Ugandans are physically stuck in a world of poverty. They must walk hours simply to satisfy basic life needs, and even small complications can become life threatening emergencies due to the challenge of distance. A tool as simple as a single speed bicycle is beginning to change everything. 

This project has been picked up by GoPro's new platform:

GoPro For A Cause 


Along the way, this project taught me some very valuable lessons.

First, storytelling has a tangible power for accomplishing real good in the world. Seccond, honesty starts with your relationship to what is in front of the camera, which is effected by... the camera.

All my gear was stolen within the first week of this trip. The only quality camera I had left was a GoPro, which was small enough to turn me from a “filmmaker” into a random person within the NGO group. This lack of status allowed me to blend in, granting a level of trust I wouldn't have had with larger gear.

I eventually met and teamed up with Okello Stephen, a Gulu local who ran the organization YPO. Through him I was able to acquire traditional equipment that helped re-train my minds eye through a sort of gear rehabilitation process. 

The result: three short films shot mostly with the GoPro. The project leader is filmed entirely by GoPro.